Shop VIP Membership

For ambitious Shopify store owners who are are ready to grow their business and earn what they deserve!


Shop VIP Membership

For ambitious Shopify store owners who are are ready to grow their business and earn what they deserve!


This program will help you...

Learn more

Learn strategies that help you scale your business + earn more

Earn more

Learn tactics that help you market + grow your business

Save time

Don’t waste another minute searching the web for answers

Grow your network

Instant access to a community of Shopify store owners + experts

You own a Shopify store, and you're good at what you do. With Shop VIP Membership you can do even more. We'll teach you:

✔️ Expert strategies that improve your branding, marketing, finance, and sales

✔️ New ways to manage, market, and grow your store

✔️ Social and content ideas that sell, and;

✔️ The latest trends with Shopify and e-commerce

Shop VIP Membership offers you more

Shop VIP membership provides trusted answers and expert advice for Shopify store owners in once place. If you're someone who is looking to grow their business, stay ahead of trends, save time, and earn what you deserve - this is for you.

Our Membership addresses what store need to feel confident and at ease, so you can be the exceptional store owner you were meant to be.


Join Shop VIP Membership and you will receive:

Coaching + Mentoring

Live monthly coaching calls that offer real time answers and support (coaching + Q&A) 

Expert Workshops

Learn from industry experts through live workshops + instant access to our video library

Network + Community

Network, share + connect with other Shopify owners in our private community


Take a closer look at the Shop VIP Monthly Membership


Meredith D.

The Shop VIP Membership has been the best investment I have made in myself and my business. Through working with Sarah, her team, and the other VIP members, I have made huge advancements and increased my sales by 64%.

Having this wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, especially with the open coaching calls, has taught me so much and as always, I'm looking forward to the next call.

Yvonne W.

"Having a time in my calendar every month with Sarah, her team and other Shopify store owners gives me a sense of community and commitment.

What I gain [from the coaching calls] is clarification on what I need to be doing and planning for the future and I even learn from those that have very different businesses than mine because they ask questions...

I am not a tech person and having Sarah show me through the process of running a Shopify e-commerce store and be there to answer questions and suggest things I would have no idea about has really made a significant difference in my confidence and ability to handle the tech stuff on my own."


You own a Shopify store, but...

Whether you're trying to find information you can rely on, save time figuring things out, or want to start earning the income you deserve - the pressures of being a store owner don't have to weigh on you. 

Instead of trying to learn it all yourself, you can join a community that offers you much needed Shopify experience and  support.

Shop VIP Membership provides you with trusted advice, genuine support, and meaningful insights. You’ll find strategies you can adopt for your own store, while connecting with experts and other Shopify store owners. No more searching for answers on Google by yourself!


Meet Sarah, your new Shopify coach.

As an experienced coach and store owner myself, I understand what it's like to run a successful online business.

Shop VIP Membership was designed for the Shopify store owner whose already got an existing business and is looking to fast-track their knowledge, and grow their business, network, and earn the income they deserve! 

Through the membership, I'll provide you with real time advice, tips, and strategies you can use and adopt for your own Shopify store. 


Are you ready?

Hey there store owner, if you’re still reading this, you are definitely in the right place. You've researched every decision and don’t take advice from just anyone.

I can give you all the support you need to be the awesome Shopify store owner you dream of being. But you’ll have to commit, and I can’t do that for you. 

Are you ready to find answers to your questions, and expand your network, make new connections and earn an income you deserve? Of course you are!


This community is perfect for you if...

  • You have a Shopify store and are open for business
  • You're ambitious and seeking an income you deserve
  • You want to learn how to best manage, market and grow your business
  • You want trusted advice and answers in one place
  • You want to learn from an experienced coach
  • You want to access a community of other Shopify store owners to network with

Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly Membership

$39 USD /month

  • Monthly membership investment is $39 USD / month.
  • Get your first month for only $1. Use promo code: SHOPVIPMEMBERSHIPINT
  • Get instant access to the recorded workshop library
  • Network with Shopify store owners in the private community forum
  • Join monthly live coaching and workshop calls
  • Cancelation policy: Cancel before your monthly renewal

Annual Membership

$351 USD /year

  • Annual membership investment is $468 USD / year. You save $117/year!
  • Get your first month for only $1. Use promo code: SHOPVIPMEMBERSHIPINT
  • Get instant access to the recorded workshop library 
  • Network with Shopify store owners in the private community forum
  • Join monthly live coaching and workshop calls
  • Cancelation policy: Cancel before your yearly renewal