#97 - Building a Life and Business You Love with Jessica Smith

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EP 97 of I Created That Podcast  -  Building a Life and Business You Love with Jessica Smith


Follow the inspiring journey of Jessica Smith, a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to infusing JOY into homes through curated home decor and personalized gifts. During the episode, we dive into Jessica's story, exploring her transition from history teacher to a dreamer with two thriving businesses: JesSmith Designs and Script and Grain.

Join the conversation as we explore:

  • Jessica's journey from history teacher to an entrepreneur 
  • Navigating the hot topic of 'niching down' and Jessica's unique perspective
  • The active involvement of Jessica's family in her business and its significance
  • The impact of having kids participate in the business and the valuable lessons learned
  • The pivotal decision to leave a full-time job and the journey to entrepreneurship
  • Recognizing the right time to make the leap
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs considering a similar path

Don't miss this episode filled with wisdom, experiences, and valuable advice on building a life and business you love!

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