#96 - How Affiliate Marketing and PR Can Boost Your Business with Ronica Cleary

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EP 96 of I Created That Podcast  -  How Affiliate Marketing and PR Can Boost Your Business with Ronica Cleary


Get ready for an enlightening conversation with Ronica Cleary, an award-winning publicist and Founder & CEO of Cleary Strategies, a full-service public relations agency. Ronica shares insights into the powerful synergy of affiliate marketing and PR in boosting business.

Join us as we explore:

  • Ronica's journey into PR and her passion for it
  • The dynamic interplay between affiliate marketing and PR 
  • Incorporating affiliate marketing and PR for exposure
  • Determining when a brand is ready for affiliate marketing/PR
  • DIY-ing your affiliate marketing strategy
  • The importance of being on affiliate for online sellers on Shopify
  • How affiliate presence influences press coverage
  • Essentials for earning media coverage alongside affiliate marketing
  • Top 3 tips for e-commerce enthusiasts to grow their audience

Don't miss this episode filled with valuable insights and strategies for leveraging affiliate marketing and PR to elevate your business!

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