#95 - Building a Curly Hair Empire with Chloe Homan

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EP 95 of I Created That Podcast  -  Building a Curly Hair Empire with Chloe Homan


Join us for an exciting conversation with Chloe Homan, the founder, creator, and CEO behind the curly hair empire! Chloe, the force behind Frizz & Frillzz and Curlfriend Collective, has inspired women worldwide to embrace their unique curls and personal style.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Chloe's curly hair journey and early inspirations
  • Building a community of over 500K across social media
  • Content that resonates with Chloe's audience
  • The role of education in business and brand development
  • The secret to connecting with the audience
  • Insight into Curlfriend Collective and its unique offerings

Don't miss this delightful episode with Chloe Homan, where we dive into the world of curly hair empowerment and entrepreneurship!

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