#92 - Why Podcasting is Good for Your Business with Jessica Milanes

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EP 92 of I Created That Podcast  - Why Podcasting is Good for Your Business with Jessica Milanes


Unlock the power of podcasting for your business with the insightful Jessica Milanes, the owner of Smart Podcast Solutions and a seasoned professional in the financial services industry.

Join the conversation as we dive into:

  • Jessica's journey from the financial services industry into the world of podcasting
  • How Smart Podcast Solutions supports clients in their podcasting journey
  • Thoughts on who should and should not have a podcast
  • The benefits of podcasting for entrepreneurs
  • Essential steps for starting a podcast
  • Jessica's favorite podcast resources and their significance
  • Tips for creating an exceptional podcast

Don't miss this enlightening episode as we explore why podcasting is good for your business with Jessica Milanes!

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