#91 - How to Think Like the C-Suite with Carlyn Bushman

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EP 91 of I Created That Podcast  - How to Think Like the C-Suite with Carlyn Bushman


Get ready to explore how to think like the C-Suite with Carlyn Bushman, a former corporate executive, small business owner, and advocate for women-owned businesses.

Join the conversation as we dive into:

  • Carlyn's transition from corporate to entrepreneurship
  • The decision to start her own business
  • Bringing the C-suite mindset to small businesses
  • The importance of Financials, Tech, Marketing, and Management in business
  • Challenges faced by female entrepreneurs
  • Strategies for success from day 1
  • Reporting and KPIs in business
  • Overcoming overwhelm in your business

Don't miss this engaging episode as we gain valuable insights into thinking like the C-Suite with Carlyn Bushman!

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