#87 - Revolutionizing The Shapewear Industry with Ratchel Pinlac of Pinsy

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EP 87 of I Created That Podcast  - Revolutionizing The Shapewear Industry with Ratchel Pinlac of Pinsy


In this inspiring episode, we explore the world of shapewear and body positivity with Ratchel Pinlac, the visionary CEO of Pinsy. Ratchel shares her personal journey, revealing how shapewear has significantly impacted her life and business, and how she's transforming the industry by combining body positivity with a fresh perspective on shapewear.

Throughout our conversation, we uncover a multitude of insights, including:

  • An introduction to Ratchel Pinlac, who shares her personal history and the profound connection she has with shapewear
  • A detailed look at Pinsy, Ratchel's revolutionary shapewear brand, and her mission to redefine and reshape the way we perceive and wear shapewear
  • Ratchel's vision for Pinsy, which marries uniqueness and body positivity to make shapewear a genuine fashion statement
  • The educational aspect of Pinsy, including the challenges and misconceptions that arise when transforming shapewear into a fashion statement
  • Pinsy's remarkable product research journey, which involved testing numerous fabrics and prototypes on a diverse range of body types, in pursuit of the perfect fit
  • Insightful marketing strategies employed by Pinsy to connect with and educate their customers, fostering a sense of community and empowerment
  • A glimpse into Pinsy's exciting future and what to expect from the brand

If you're intrigued by the fascinating world of shapewear, body positivity, and fashion-forward thinking, this episode with Ratchel Pinlac is a must-listen.

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