#49 - How To Build A Beautiful, Branded, Website with Izzy Waite

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EP. 49 of I Created That Podcast - How To Build A Beautiful, Branded, Website with Izzy Waite

Building an incredible brand and website that converts to sales is both a science and an art. There are so many moving pieces that go into making sure your design looks incredible and your users experience is top of mind. I sat down with Izzy Waite, brand and web designer of Izzy Waite Design, to talk about why you should hire a web designer, and all the considerations you need for that investment.

In this episode you will learn:
- Why you should hire a web designer and what you should ask them
- The platforms you should choose to build your brand on
- Best website trends coming out this year
- Easy ways to draw in inspiration to create your best look

Tune into this episode to learn more!

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