#40 - Discover Your Passion And Purpose with Natalia Harhaj

Discover Your Passion And Purpose with Natalia Harhaj


When someone asks you, “what’s your why” or “what’s your purpose”, this question can often feel quite heavy - almost as though you need a really big answer to the question in order for it to hold weight. But in this episode, our guest, Natalia Harhaj, business owner and author, shares her views on how you can tap into your life’s purpose and keep it simple in the process.

In this episode you will learn:
- Why Natalia feels that finding your life’s purpose can be simple, not complex
- What practices Natalia uses to help her clients understand themselves better sot hey can  tap into their inner purpose
- Why Natalia believes we should make time to be more in the moment and mindful
- Ways you can get started being more mindful and finding your inner purpose today

Tune into this episode to learn more!

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