#35 - Marketing An Online Fitness Business with Kristie Alicea

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Marketing An Online Fitness Business
There are so many ways that you can serve your clients in the fitness business, but building a solid niche that serves a targeted audience is always best! I sat down with Kristie Alicea, owner of ABC Fit Collective, to talk about her journey in building out an online fitness business during the pandemic, finding ways to deliver amazing content and service to her clients, and ways that she’s going about marketing it with success.

In this episode you will learn:
- The process of building a fitness business online
- What approach they’ve taken to offer on-demand, membership, and 1:1 client services
- The types of marketing approaches they’ve taken to share their offerings
- How building a business and serving niche clients has been so incredibly rewarding

Tune into this episode to learn more!
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