#20 - How To Enjoy The Entrepreneur Journey with Arvin Anderson

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How To Enjoy The Entrepreneur Journey with Arvin Anderson

Everyone goes into their Shopify (and entrepreneur) journey with high hopes, excitement, and a “let’s do this” attitude. However, as you start to develop your business, it’s all too common that you’ll encounter challenges, fear, and stress - all the things that come along with building something new. I sat down with top coach and former Director of Coaching for Tony Robbins, Arvin Anderson, to talk about why challenges arise and how you can support yourself through the process so you can enjoy the entrepreneur journey vs sweat it.

In this episode you will learn:
- Why challenges arise as you build your business
- How you can recognize them and deal with the emotions behind them
- Insight on why we get stuck in certain energies and fears
- Core insights and learnings Arvin’s had along his coaching journey

Tune into this episode to learn more!

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