#15 - Keep Your Money And Make Taxes Painless With Shannon Weinstein

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Keep Your Money And Make Taxes Painless With Shannon Weinstein

Shannon Weinstein knows her stuff when it comes to helping you keep money in your wallet and keep the pain out of doing your taxes. I sat down to talk to Shannon about how she’s helping clients strategically manage their money and business assets through proper bookkeeping, tax and CFO services. Shannon chats about what questions to ask and levers to pull to help you make decisions about products, launches, and all other aspects of your Shopify store - pain free!

In this episode you will learn:
- What steps you should take to make your taxes pain free
- How to manage your sales tax vs your income tax
- When you need a bookkeeper, tax specialist, and CFO services
- When to invest in CFO services to help you make good business decisions

Tune into this episode to learn more!

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