#116 - Mastering Holiday Shopping Pro Tips with Sarah Jansel

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EP 116 of I Created That Podcast  - Mastering Holiday Shopping Pro Tips with Sarah Jansel


Here’s the 4th episode of the “Best of the I Created That Podcast” series:

The holiday shopping season for ecommerce stores typically runs August until January each year. This is an important time of year because it’s the time when consumers spend the most money, and in turn the best revenue opportunity for Shopify and product based business owners out there. To help you prepare for such a season, Sarah Jansel, shares her top tips on how to help you get ready and rock those holiday promotions.

In this episode, you will learn:
- Why you should prepare for the holiday shopping season and when
- What you need to consider as part of your holiday shopping plans
- The types of holidays you could promote and how to choose them
- What you need to schedule out and update before the holiday shopping season starts

Don't miss this awesome episode as we gear up for the holiday season, offering invaluable insights to help you rock your holiday promotions!

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