#112 - Dancing into Franchising Success with Genevieve Weeks

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EP 112 of I Created That Podcast  -  Dancing into Franchising Success with Genevieve Weeks


Get ready to meet Genevieve Weeks, the founder and CEO of Tutu School, a collection of more than 100 boutique ballet schools for young children throughout the US, Canada, and the UK.

Join host, Sarah Jansel, as she dives into Genevieve's journey into franchising success and uncover the secrets behind building a thriving dance empire.

Join the conversation as we explore:

  • Genevieve's background and journey into the world of dance and entrepreneurship
  • The pivotal moment that led Genevieve to extend her dancing career to opening up a studio
  • What sets Tutu School apart from other dance studios
  • Genveieve's decision to franchise her brand and the challenges and rewards that came with it
  •  Tips and advice for entrepreneurs considering franchising their own businesses
  •  The importance of consistency, company vision, and culture in franchising

Don't miss this episode filled with valuable insights and inspiration for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses through franchising!

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Connect with Genevieve:
Website: https://www.tutuschool.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tutugenevieve 

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