#107 - Harmony and Handcrafted Luxury with Hayley Rose of Harborside Bath & Body

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EP 107 of I Created That Podcast  -  Harmony and Handcrafted Luxury with Hayley Rose of Harborside Bath & Body


Embark on a sensorial journey with host Sarah Jansel on the I Created That Podcast, as she engages in a delightful conversation with Hayley Rose, the visionary behind Harborside Bath & Body. After a remarkable 27-year career in corporate America, Hayley ventured into entrepreneurship, opening an organic Bath & Body store that stands out for its coastal-inspired theme and commitment to women-owned businesses.

In this episode, Hayley shares the inspiration behind her transition from corporate life to crafting luxurious handmade items. Explore the coastal-themed essence that infuses her products, creating a unique and captivating experience for customers. Delve into the reasons behind Hayley's choice of organic skincare and her dedication to promoting products from women-owned businesses.

Gain insights into the challenges and rewards of owning a business in the competitive bath and body industry. Discover the strategies Hayley employs to make Harborside Bath & Body stand out and maintain a distinctive appeal. Learn about the pivotal role Shopify plays in supporting and enhancing her business.

Looking toward the future, uncover Hayley's goals and aspirations for Harborside Bath & Body and her vision for continued growth and development. Connect with Hayley and explore the harmony and handcrafted luxury that define Harborside Bath & Body.

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Where to find Hayley:
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Tune in to this enriching episode and be inspired by Hayley Rose's journey of entrepreneurial harmony and the artistry behind Harborside Bath & Body.

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