#106 - Crafting Spiritful Narratives with Mara Smith of Inspiro Tequila

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EP 106 of I Created That Podcast  -  Crafting Spiritful Narratives with Mara Smith of Inspiro Tequila


Join host Sarah Jansel on the I Created That Podcast for an enthralling conversation with Mara Smith, the founder of Inspiro Tequila. From a seasoned attorney and corporate strategist to a passionate entrepreneur, Mara's journey is one of determination and vision. In this episode, Mara shares the experiences and inspirations that led her to establish a unique tequila brand.

Explore Mara's life pivot, triggered by emergency bedrest during pregnancy and the subsequent decision to leave her corporate career. Uncover the specific aspects of the tequila industry that drew her in and the challenges encountered in the early stages of building Inspiro Tequila.

Discover the driving force behind Mara's decision to pursue B Corp certification and the significance of Inspiro Tequila's commitment to being additive-free. Dive into the brand's mission to bring a fresh female perspective to the spirits industry and how Mara actively contributes to changing the narrative for women in this dynamic realm.

Looking toward the future, get insights into Mara's aspirations for Inspiro Tequila and her vision for the brand's evolution in the coming years. Connect with Mara and Inspiro Tequila, and explore the distinctive spiritful narratives they are crafting.

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Tune in to this spirited episode and be inspired by Mara Smith's journey of entrepreneurship and resilience in the world of tequila.

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