#105 - Empowering Holistic Transformations with Colette Brown

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EP 105 of I Created That Podcast  -  Empowering Holistic Transformations with Colette Brown


Step into the world of holistic well-being with Colette Brown on the I Created That Podcast. Join host Sarah Jansel in a captivating conversation as Colette shares her inspiring journey from two decades of being unwell to embracing a lifestyle dedicated to wellness. As a personal wellness advocate, Colette is on a mission to facilitate radical transformations for others.

Explore Colette's definition of holistic wellness and gain insights into the key elements contributing to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned as she navigates the ever-evolving trends and practices in the wellness industry, offering a fresh perspective on its significance in today's society.

Discover the role of social media in building a community focused on radical transformations and explore the themes that resonate most with Colette's engaged audience. Delve into the intersection of holistic wellness and entrepreneurship, unraveling unique challenges and opportunities encountered on this transformative journey.

Colette also shares valuable strategies and practices for prioritizing mental and emotional wellness in our fast-paced world, emphasizing the increasing importance of a holistic approach. Tune in for an inspiring discussion on launching a product-based business, as Colette provides a glimpse into her entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Embark on a holistic wellness journey with Colette Brown, and be empowered to transform your life from the inside out.

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