#104 - Creative Play: Redefining Screen-Free Adventures with Kailan Carr

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EP 104 of I Created That Podcast  - Creative Play: Redefining Screen-Free Adventures with Kailan Carr


Join Sarah Jansel on the I Created That Podcast for an inspiring conversation with Kailan Carr, a former teacher with a passion for prioritizing playtime in the digital age. Kailan, the founder of Kailancarr.com, specializes in providing screen-free activities through printable resources, quiet book patterns, and page kits. With a master's in literacy, she is also an accomplished author of 5 books and a dedicated speaker advocating for the importance of play.

In this episode, Kailan shares her personal journey that led her to the mission of encouraging a screen-free lifestyle for children. Explore the intersection of family, creativity, and digital detox in her work, discovering how her unique approach influences her online ventures.

Delve into Kailan's perspectives on screen time for kids in this generation and gain valuable insights for parents navigating the overwhelming world of ideas from Pinterest and social media. Uncover the inspiration behind her latest book and the key messages she hopes readers will take away.

Balancing family life and entrepreneurial pursuits can be challenging, and Kailan provides strategies for effective time management, ensuring both personal and professional success. Learn about her venture into Shopify and why it became her platform of choice, as well as her excitement for evolving e-commerce trends.

Kailan generously shares her experiences, including specific challenges faced and overcome, offering valuable lessons for those traversing similar paths in the online business realm. Connect with Kailan and explore the world of nurturing creative adventures with a focus on play.

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Tune in to this delightful episode and be inspired by Kailan Carr's dedication to prioritizing play in the lives of children and families.

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