#103 - Igniting Dreams and Community with Hayley Luckadoo

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EP 103 of I Created That Podcast  - Igniting Dreams and Community with Hayley Luckadoo


Join host Sarah Jansel on the I Created That Podcast for an energizing conversation with Hayley Luckadoo, a dynamic marketing coach, motivational speaker, and the visionary founder of Females on Fire. Discover Hayley's audacious journey, from launching a hobby wedding planning business in her college apartment to creating a thriving multi-passionate empire centered on resilience and community.

In this episode, Hayley unfolds the fascinating evolution of her entrepreneurial ventures, sharing how the wedding planning business transformed into her current role as a marketing coach and empowering speaker. 

Explore why organic marketing holds a special place in Hayley's heart and why she prioritizes it over other marketing tactics to build businesses that fuel freedom.

Hayley delves into the inspiration behind the Females on Fire Summit, a powerful initiative aligning with her mission to help 5,000 women create their best lives. Learn how organic marketing strategies have played a pivotal role in growing the summit and her personal brand, fostering a vibrant community of empowered women.

Discover the secrets to Hayley's community-building success and the effective organic marketing strategies that keep her audience engaged and excited about the Females on Fire Summit. Gain valuable insights as she shares lessons learned in the realms of community building and organic marketing.

Explore the intersection of the Females on Fire Summit with Hayley's broader e-commerce initiatives, uncovering the unique contributions and complementary aspects that enrich the overall Females on Fire experience.

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