#101 - Cultivating Growth: From Education to Garden Tools with Kaitlin Mitchell

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EP 101 of I Created That Podcast  - Cultivating Growth: From Education to Garden Tools with Kaitlin Mitchell


Join us on the latest episode of the I Created That Podcast as we sit down with Kaitlin Mitchell, the visionary Founder behind Rutabaga Education and Rutabaga Garden Tools. A former elementary school educator with a master's degree in Cross-Cultural Education, Kaitlin is on a mission to educate and create incredible experiences for kids and families. In this insightful conversation, she shares her journey, from the inception of Rutabaga Education, an educational platform fostering a love for gardening, to the establishment of Rutabaga Garden Tools, a flourishing Shopify business providing accessible tools for outdoor adventures.

Discover Kaitlin's overarching vision for her brand and the profound impact she envisions making within the industry. Learn about the inspiration behind offering ready-to-teach education for gardening and the challenges she faced in establishing and marketing a product-based business like Rutabaga Garden Tools.

Explore the shared strategies and distinct approaches Kaitlin employs for each business, and find out how the educational aspect of Rutabaga Education positively influences the success of Rutabaga Garden Tools. Kaitlin opens up about the lessons learned along the way and offers insights into exciting developments and future plans for both Rutabaga Education and Rutabaga Garden Tools.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation with Kaitlin Mitchell and discover the transformative journey from education to garden tools. Where education meets innovation - this episode is a must-listen!

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