#100 - Brand Revival: Navigating Reinvention in Marketing with Andrew Bryden

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EP 100 of I Created That Podcast  - Brand Revival: Navigating Reinvention in Marketing with Andrew Bryden


Join us for a milestone 100th episode on the I Created That Podcast with host Sarah Jansel, featuring Andrew Bryden, a VP Marketing with a rich background in driving growth, product, brand, and customer profitability. With experience as a marketing consultant and contributions to esteemed organizations like Conestoga College, Sunlife Financial, Blackberry, and currently at the helm of CARFAX Canada's marketing initiatives, Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge to the conversation.

In this episode, Andrew Bryden sheds light on the dynamic realm of brand reinvention, dissecting the motivations that drive companies, from startups to enterprises, to embark on the journey of rebranding. Dive into the factors influenced by market trends and competition that prompt companies to rethink their brand identity and marketing strategies.

Explore the delicate balance of maintaining consistency with an existing brand identity while undergoing reinvention and discover how successful companies have navigated this challenging process. Andrew shares valuable insights into managing and communicating changes to an existing customer base during a rebranding effort.

Uncover effective marketing strategies for reintroducing a company to the market after a significant rebranding and understand the role of digital marketing in the repositioning of a company. Delve into the timeline for seeing the impact of rebranding efforts on a company's market position and customer perception.

Andrew Bryden offers a glimpse into current trends and best practices in the industry regarding company reinvention, particularly in terms of branding and marketing. Don't miss this milestone episode filled with expert insights and practical advice for those navigating the intricate landscape of brand revival.

Tune in to this landmark episode as we celebrate our 100th show with Andrew Bryden, unraveling the secrets of successful brand revival in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

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